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AntiDUST tape is the number one anti-moss tape system for polycarbonate roofs

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There are many ways to prevent a mossy roof. Are you searching for the best solution? Take a look at Multifoil its anti-moss tape. Multifoil is a Dutch specialist in manufacturing pressure sensitive tapes for a large variety of applications. They innovate, test and produce a broad range of technical tapes. They are the supplier of anti dust tape. Customized tape is also no problem for this producer. The tape has been engineered with one goal: protecting multiwall sheets from turning mossy and dirty over time. The anti-moss tape is designed to take this worry away. Not only will the anti moss tape prevent polycarbonate sheets from turning green, it is also temperature resistant. This means that the tape will adjust to expansion and contraction and shrink and grow with the sheets. Therefore, the tape won’t tear, break or loose strength. The moisture is gently absorbed and guided outside. Shady climates promote moss growth, but thanks to the tape the roof will stay clean. There is no place for a moist or humid environment.

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Why use AntiDUST anti-moss tape?


Dust, fungus, insects, algae, condensation and drainage can affect the quality of multi-wall sheets and roofs. Anti-moss tape is the most advanced protection system available for users of multi-wall sheets. Together with other manufacturers, Multifoil is working on research for the best solution that can extend the life of multi-wall sheets. They are the producer of the most innovative system used in polycarbonate roofs. Thanks to their global network, the anti-moss tape is available for anyone. The tape is moisture resistant and helps to keep roofs clean.

The six main reasons to use anti-moss tape from Multifoil for polycarbonate sheets

Keeping your polycarbonate sheet clean and clear is the only goal the anti-moss tape manufacturers want to accomplish. Using this tape makes it possible to enjoy all the benefits that the polycarbonate multi-wall system has to offer you. The tape can be bend in all directions and it is resistant against influence of weather conditions like rain, frost, UV rays, moisture and the aging process. The main six reasons to use anti-moss tape are:

  • Condensation: To ensure perfect draining, the high end non-woven has been treated to ensure that the condensation is nicely guided outside.
  • Dust, insects, algae and fungi: The built-in filter gives excellent protection to filth and dirt, also in tiny particles. Dust, insects, algae and fungi will stand no chance because of this filter. This will extend the life process of the sheets.
  • Ventilation: The anti-moss tape system offers the right amount of ventilation. Too little or too much ventilation is not good for the lifetime of the wall sheets.
  • Adhesive: The anti moss tape is coated with a strong adhesive that is also very durable and outdoor resistance. The tape is especially engineered for polycarbonate applications and it is reliable and very easy to apply.
  • Contraction and expansion: It is normal that a multi-wall sheet will expand and contract. Luckily, the anti dust tapes have been designed to shrink and grow with the sheet. Therefore, the tape will no longer tear apart or break.