What is anti-mold tape?

Anti DUST 4500 rolled

Anti-mold tape will keep multiwall sheets clean and clear of molds, insects, moist and algae for many years. With this in de back of our minds, at Multifoil we have been engineering and innovating our tapes for more than 30 years already. The tapes are tested thoroughly, so they can keep you a promise. Some of the features of the tape:

  • An extremely high tack that sticks immediately
  • The tape is specially treated, the material is non-woven and of high quality
  • Perfect draining
  • Temperature resistant anti-mold tape
  • Guides the condensation outside
  • Excellent ventilation
  • When the sheets grow and shrink because of the weather, the tape contracts and expands. Therefore you will not have any broken or ripped tapes anymore
  • Fungi, algae, insects and dust can stand no chance against the anti-mold tape

This breather tape (also known as vent tape) does its best work together with the sealing tape. The combination of these two tapes gives the best protection to your hollow multi-wall sheet. These tapes protect against mold, moss, dust, algae, insects and moist. These tapes are not comparable with other tapes for polycarbonate, like aluminum. As described above, the tape even expands and contracts with the polycarbonate material.

More information about
AntiDUST® tape?

Order a customized anti-mold tape

Anti DUST 4500 personalised

You can even order your own customized tape. Multifoil is a supplier who is in the lead of developing all kinds of shapes for the multi-wall sheet market, which means that they are able to customize the tapes with a company its brand name or a logo. You can also ask for different dimensions, they will provide you many options in packaging and sizing. All the prices vary, so please contact the staff for more information.

Applying the anti-mold tape to sheets with tools

Multifoil wants to be a supplier of an efficient product. Therefore, they designed multiple application tools in order to process polycarbonate panels quickly. They designed a table dispenser, handheld gun and a pressure roller. With this pressure roller you apply pressure to the tape, since the tape is pressure sensitive. The pressure roller is an useful tool for this. No more cuts and burns on your fingers.

Six clear reasons to buy this tape

Reason number one to purchase this anti-mold tape is because it helps to keep your multiwall sheets clean and clear for a long term. However, below we summed up some other reasons why this tape is worth the price:

  • It has an excellent ventilation, not too much and not too little
  • The built-in filter protects the sheets from insects, algae, fungi, dust and moist
  • The tape is waterproof and sustainable, but also moisture resistant
  • It expands and contracts together with the multiwall sheet, this makes the tape temperature resistant
  • The adhesive has a high tack, but is pressure sensitive
  • Ensures perfect draining and condensation is guided outside

You now have more than one reason to buy a sustainable anti-mold tape for the best price at Holland's most reliable supplier.