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Multifoil: a manufacturer of barrier tape

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Polycarbonate material is very easy to handle and it comes in many different styles. This material suits a wide variety of applications. Polycarbonate sheets are used for do it yourself carports but you can also find this material being used in in football stadiums or greenhouses and observatories. It offers a light construction and it is very sustainable. The only problem you can have with polycarbonate sheets is that it is permeable and therefore the ongoing condensation. The sheets will turn dirty and green over time if you don’t use the right products when installing. Multifoil has developed a tape to take this worry away. It’s called AntiDUST. Multifoil is also a manufacturer of barrier tape. Use the breather tape (also known as vent tape) and filter tape when processing many multiwall sheets. Not only is Multifoil the producer of this type of tape, we also accelerate in producing other tapes like:

  • Barrier tape
  • carport tape
  • sky light tape
  • punched tape
  • blanking tape
  • pressure sensitive tape

Breather tape (vent tape) is used to seal open flute ends on polycarbonate sheets. This tape also helps to prevent migration of dust and insects into the polycarbonate sheets. The breather tape and filter tape also help to reduce the risk of condensation in the flute chambers. The breather tape needs to be fitted to the lower end of the sheet, which is close to the gutter. The tape helps to keep out dust and moisture. After the taping the panels are ready for fitting.

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AntiDUST® tape?

Why use AntiDUST its breather tape and filter tape

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All Multifoil its tapes have been designed to accomplish one job: keeping polycarbonate sheets clean for many years. What are the main reasons to use the tape from this manufacturer? Reason number one: the high end non-woven material makes sure that condensation is guided outside. Reason number two is that algae, insects, dust and even fungi stand no chance to enter because of the perfect protection of the filter. Another reason is that the breather tape provides the exact amount of ventilation, and the tape is also coated with a strong adhesive. It is even outdoor resistant. The tape expands and contracts with the sheet so you won’t suffer from torn or broken tapes when its warm outside or freezing cold. The tape is temperature resistant and also moisture resistant.

How come that condensation is a problem for multi-wall sheets?


Condensation is a natural phenomenon, but for multi-wall sheets a threat. The water can stay in the walls of the sheets and cause a good environment for algae and fungus. Multifoil its filter tape is designed to rapidly evacuate the condensation. Other tapes do not compare to this one, since they evacuate the water much slower. The quicker, the better. Because then the algae and fungus can’t stand a chance to survive.

Using polycarbonate sheets and carport tape

Polycarbonate sheets can be used for multiple purposes. By using polycarbonate sheets you can create a lightweight and transparent roof, for example above a bicycle garage, carport, conservatory, studio, balcony and door canopy or porche. Make the sheets waterproof by taping the rear ends with sealing carport tape. At the front end face you need to apply a breathable carport tape. The tapes are specially made for construction of polycarbonate sheets. The vapor-proof tape ensures that any condensation in the sheets is guided outside and the water cannot flow back into the funnels of the sheets. The carport tape keeps your sheets clear and clean for many years.