AD4500 customised

Customized breather tape for your polycarbonate multi-wall sheet

Anti DUST 4500 personalised rolled

Polycarbonate is a material that is perfect to use in glazing systems. This material offers a light construction and is strong and sustainable. It is the ideal material for many constructions and industrial applications. Since polycarbonate is permeable, the only problem is the condensation in the multiwall sheets. However, Multifoil has created a product that can take away these worries. Multifoil is a Dutch specialist in pressure sensitive adhesives and they now have developed anti-dust tape. This tape will ensure that your multi-wall sheets will never be dirty and remain clear and clean for a long term. You can even order customized tape for your polycarbonate multi-wall sheet.

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AD4500 personalised

AntiDUST its breather tapes (also known as vent tape) have been used successfully in projects all over the world. The tape is used in projects for hospitals, factories, stadiums and conservatories. Or for carports and porches in normal households. The breather tape has a built in filter which offers a great drainage performance. If you use the breather tape (vent tape) together with a sealing tape, the multi-wall sheets will be clean for a lifetime. Multifoil has been developing for over 30 years the antiDUST tapes and some of the features of this breather tape are:

  • It Is moisture resistant
  • It is able to guide condensation outside
  • Expansion and contraction with the polycarbonate multi-wall sheet
  • Offers exactly the right amount of condensation for the multiwall sheet
  • Extremely high tack
  • Resistant to dust, algae and fungi
  • The material is specially treated

Is condensation a big problem for multi-wall sheets?


Condensation is the natural process by which water vapor in the air changes into liquid water. When the vapor meet a cooler surface, it turns into droplets. These droplets form into liquid in the multi-wall cells. Luckily the antiDUST tape filter has a surface treatment that helps to guide the condensation out. So our tape is nog build to be waterproof, since this would counteract the drainage effect. It also keeps the contaminants out of the cells of the multiwall sheets. Algae and fungus need condensation to exist. Therefore, the quicker condensation is removed out of the walls, the better. Other tapes do not drain well and therefore create ideal conditions for algae and fungus.

Enemies of your multiwall sheets: fungus and algae

Algae is a sort of a photosynthetic organism and grows in moist areas. They thrive in daylight, spread very rapidly and produce airborne spores. The pigmentation of algae comes from a UV resistant sheath which protects them from desiccation. They appear as red, black or green stains. There are many types of algae, but there are a few identified that attack materials like polycarbonate multi-wall sheets. Multifoil has developed an effective cocktail which deals with these dirty invaders. Multifoil thrives to keep developing more methods to protect your multiwall sheet from algae. Unfortunately, it is clear to say that algae is the most problematic one for multiwall sheets since they spread via airborne spores.

Do budget breather tapes offer enough protection for your multi-wall sheet?

The answer is no. Budget tapes use polypropylene based non-woven fabric. This was designed for agriculture and horticulture applications. Fungus thrive in the dark and the ends of roofs offer a perfect environment for this. This is a big threat to multi-wall sheets, but not as big as algal growth. Algae grow in the visible area of the cells of a multiwall sheet. Budget tapes do not address this.

AntiDUST Bottom tape for sealing the top and bottom edges of a multi-wall sheet

Do you want to seal the edges of multiwall polycarbonate sheets to protect them from insects, moisture and dust entering the channels? Use AntiDUST bottom tape. This is a roll of vented tape that is used to seal the bottom of a twinwall polycarbonate panel. It keeps out moisture and dust. This venting tape is different from traditional masking tapes. It allows the polycarbonate panels to breathe and the condensation can seep out. It can be used as a top sealing tape greenhouse, or as top sealing tape carport or even as a roof adhesive tape. The non-filter tape prevents mould and algae growth in the sheets chambers, and it also prevents dust an insects from getting in.

Where can you buy Multifoil its antiDUST tape for multi-wall sheets and which formats

If you wish to request prices of AntiDUST tape, you can send an email with your enquiry. The staff will deal with your request immediately. There are many different formats available from antiDUST tapes. Multifoil produces full width breathing tapes for multi-wall sheets. The lengths of the roll can vary. The staff can suit the length and width of the rolls to the multiwall sheets you are using. Do you want the tape to be customized with a logo or brand name? That is also possible! There is also supporting technical literature available for all the products to help you to avoid errors when applying the tape.

Making the installation process for multi-wall sheets more efficient

Not only is Multifoil a specialist when it comes to developing pressure sensitive adhesives, they have also find smart solutions for applying the AntiDUST tape. This way the production and installation of the multiwall sheet is more efficient. They have designed tools to install the panels more quickly. For large users of multi-wall sheets they have a table dispenser and a handheld gun dispenser. The tapes need to be applied with a little pressure to obtain the best tack. They also designed a pressure roller for this. The tool reduces the cuts and burns on fingers significantly.

The antiDUST tape products have changed the way people use a multiwall sheet as a favorite material. The effectiveness of AntiDUST helps to expand the lifetime of sheets in many crucial circumstances.

The six reasons to choose for AntiDUST tape for a multiwall sheet

To sum up the benefits, these are six reasons to choose for this breather tape:

  • Resistant to algae, dust and fungi
  • Perfect isolation and condensation
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Great adhesive and a very high tack
  • Weatherproof: expansion and contraction with the multiwall sheet
  • Thanks to the non-woven treatment the material keeps out bacteria