Domestic Conservatories


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AntiDUST tape
G3600 and AD3400

Most people at some time in their life aim to own their home. For those that do it normally represents the biggest single purchase of their lifetime. It is very often perceived as an investment for old age or a legacy for the children or grandchildren.

The advent of home ownership gave people the opportunity to express themselves by choosing and constructing additional living space in the form of a summerhouses or conservatories onto their existing property. For such a serious investment it is essential to the consumer that they have peace of mind and that nothing will spoil their hard earned investment.

The last thing a consumer wants to be confronted with when buying a conservatory is shoddy workmanship or the tainted visibility associated with a rapidly deteriorating roof caused by skimping on key components like AntiDUST breather tape.

It is essential when supplying the domestic consumer that the best practice possible is incorporated by the supplier of the materials used in the construction as the best advert for any company's future sales is a history of happy satisfied customers!