Our AD4500 especially for low slope roofs


As architects become more and more ambitious with multiwall projects and demands for lower pitched roofs increase we have responded accordingly. As you may know, lower pitch roofs can struggle to drain condensation effectively and as such they need a breather tape that offers the best possible exit for moisture. Especially for lower pitch polycarbonate roofs we have developed a full width filter tape with advanced capillary action which is available for use in those challenging projects. With our filter tape your projects will keep up it’s appearances!

In short, the AD4500 AntiDUST offers all the benefits of our AD3400 series, but with the added advantage of full width drainage to help the performance on condensate evacuation especially for the lower pitch polycarbonate sheets.



We offer the AD4500 AntiDust tape in different standard widths and lengths.



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Still not convinced? Just watch our comparison video!

Below is a video of a simple test devised to show the effectiveness in draining that makes Multifoil AntiDUST tape drain condensation rapidly and effectively. We must reinforce that this is nothing to do with the size of the holes in the filter areas.