Innovation, Evolution & Revolution

For almost a quarter of a century Multifoil have been producing premium grade adhesive solutions tailor-made to suit the ever changing needs of modern industrial markets.

As an Innovator we work closely with many global companies to produce precisely the solution they need. One such company was General Electric, (now Sabic), whose needs related to an adhesive filter system for their multiwall polycarbonate sheet division. Over thirty years ago in partnership with GE and other extruders of these products we designed, developed and supplied a dedicated solution to eliminate a number of problems associated with multiwall polycarbonate sheets.

As a forward thinking company our ability to Evolve our production techniques and processes have helped us maintain our position as the world leader in the production and supply of truly effective Anti-Dust breather tapes and our international customer base are a testament to our products' ongoing effectiveness. As time moved on we have developed and will keep developing our AntiDUST tape in order to stay ahead of the needs of our many customers.

Our products have helped Revolutionise the way people view and use multiwall polycarbonate as a material of choice in many sectors and environments. The effectiveness of our AntiDust range helps to significantly extend the sheet life even in the most demanding circumstances.

From our headquarters and production site in Vianen, The Netherlands, our goals for Anti Dust breather tapes remain the same - to continue to offer the best dedicated, effective solutions to every segment of this exciting industry.


Thank you for your continuing vote of confidence.


Team Multifoil