Drain it must! | How to keep your multiwall sheets clear


We have always been confident that we have led the way in the field of multiwall protection with our AntiDUST breather tapes.


As other companies have tried to unseat us with their versions of breather tape we have conducted ourselves with the kind of integrity you can expect from a professional company who is viewed by many as the expert in its field. From our production base in Vianen, The Netherlands, we constantly test and try our AntiDUST tape. This way we can ensure you of the quality you are accustomed to. 

The fact is we export our AntiDUST tape to over 55 countries and that we are the leading brandname in panel sealing solution in many manufacturers brochures. This is a testament to our history as a reliable, durable and reputable producer of this essential component in the polycarbonate industry. Our AntiDUST tape simply works. 

No other product available looks like or performs like our AntiDUST tape. The essential rapid draining of the cells within sheets is one of our hallmarks. The prevention of infection by a host of unwanted contaminants is another. We keep your polycarbonate sheet looking clean and clear.

A number of requests for information from reputable companies who were having problems with their current budget breather tapes motivated us into action to produce a simple test to see the effectiveness of the solutions are currently being used.

The results were no surprise to us but we felt compelled to build a new on-line resource that sets the record straight about  the purpose and expected performance of an integrated breather tape.

BELOW - A short film showing effective drainage of a multi-wall panel sealed with our AD4500 series. We would like to reinforce that this effective draining is as a result of a special treatment not due to compromising the micro-mesh filter.