Our classic AD3400


Guaranteed satisfaction with our AD3400

Multifoil's classic AntiDUST® breather tape AD3400 series with its built in biocide continues to offer satisfaction and high performance in the most demanding environments. This filter tape has  proven itself over the last 30 years.  With rapid draining features and resistance to ingression by dust, algae, fungicide and insects this product remains one of the most effective and utilised protection for both standard and critical applications.

The AD3400, in combination with the G3600, is used in many major public and private buildings around the globe. It quietly protects and prevents problems in canopies and walkways the world over! On the domestic front AntiDUST® tape has served the conservatory, summer room and pool cover sectors for years keeping customers satisfied with it's ability to drain, maintain and protect the optical clarity of the multiwall sheets throughout their guarantee period and beyond.


We offer the AD3400 filter tape in different standard widths and lengths.  


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Still not convinced? Just watch our comparison video!

Below is a video of a simple test devised to show the effectiveness in draining that makes Multifoil AntiDUST® tape drain condensation rapidly and effectively. We must reinforce that this is nothing to do with the size of the holes in the filter areas.