Our AntiDUST® tape 3400

Keep polycarbonate roofs clean and clear of insects, dust, moss and algae.


AntiDUST® Tools

Especially for our AntiDUST® customers we have developed tools to apply our tape quickly and perfectly.


Our AntiDUST® tape 4500

Guaranteed the best filter tape for low slope roofs

Multifoil is the manufacturer of AntiDUST® Tape


Multifoil is a Dutch manufacturer. We innovate, test and manufacture the AntiDUST® tapes as well as a broad range of double sided adhevise technical tapes from our (production) site in Vianen, The Netherlands. We distribute our tapes to 55 countries in the world. 

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Drain it must! | How to keep your multiwall sheets clear


We have always been confident that we have led the way in the field of multiwall protection with our AntiDUST breather tapes.

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